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How it works....I am a licensed physical therapist and certified personal trainer based in southern Rhode Island and will travel anywhere in Rhode Island (to your home) with my equipment (all the exercise tools).  Equipment I bring includes but is not limited to:

•   Exercise mats

•   Dumbbells

•   Resistance bands

•   Kettle Balls

•   Workout Balls (Physioballs)

•   Jump rope

•   Boxing gloves

•   Balance equipment (dyna discs)

•   Massage equipment (foam roller, foot log, back knobber---->great for the athlete with chronic "sore spots")

•   Body Fat analyzers (bioelectrical impedance machine and skinfold calipers)

•   Scale

•   Trial Protein Supplements 

•   Cervical traction unit (neck pain)


Personal Training available at Gold's gym and Luxe fitness centers (must be a member).



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